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Peter Tan Shou Yi, a man of honour and integrity, holds 5 professional degrees and qualifications at the age of 32. Since then, he has attended the executive and senior executive programs in Harvard Business School, as part of his personal and professional development. He reads and writes extensively and till date, he has authored 28 limited edition motivational books that are sold in major bookstores. Being a well-rounded entrepreneur, he is also an expert in mind empowering programs such as Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP), Ultra Silva Mind method, numerology,  music therapy, colour therapy, face reading, palmistry and fengshui.
As a business owner, he has more than 20 companies diversified across Asia. Because he believes that his greatest investment is in people, he supports new business ventures, for young adults and undergraduates by providing for them the relevant know-how and capital for start-ups. He inspires many individuals to be more than who they are and to strive for excellence in their own field. His strong belief in caring and sharing has led him to support the Yellow Ribbon Project, an initiative that built a school inside the new Singapore Changi Prison for offenders to learn the basic skills in logistic management. He has also started the S$1 million PTO Endowment fund for the needy students in the School of Economics, SMU.


We do our part for these organizations:

  • Sun Love
  • Club Rainbow
  • Beyond
  • World Vision
  • SMU Endowment Fund

We have donated S$1 million to the SMU endowment fund.



We provide seeding fund and series A funding for aspiring entrepreneurs and enterprises.

  • Asia One Chiropractic Pte Ltd
  • Aardvarks Media Pte Ltd
  • Cheng Pu Intelligent Technology Co Ltd
  • iApps Asia Pte Ltd
  • My Best Friend Pte Ltd
  • PTO Fitness Pte  Ltd
  • Pure Heart Entertainment Pte Ltd
  • SAM Holdings Pte Ltd


We continually explore international business opportunities in different fields, in China & Asia. Our focus is in mobile technology, personal services, entertainment and also F&B.



We make movies with educational connotation. Our first piece of creation is Filial Party. We manage artistes, to provide high quality entertainment for the public across Asia.
From musical artistes, blockbuster movies to live events, we have the resources connections and most importantly, the ability to bring joy and entertainment to Singapore and across Asia.



Peter Tan Shou Yi

I believe in abundance life, I am convicted in the provision of God, and it will always be exceedingly overwhelming for my life.

I aspire to inspire. I live to create an impact to the people around me, people whom I know and people who know me. I am their inspiration.

I strive to leave a legacy. From a simple, humble and academics background, I want to build a S$1 billion organization.



Having broken numerous records and being hailed as rainmaker, Peter Tan has been very much sought after in interviews and as a speaker in various platforms. He has appeared in many Singapore Straits Times articles, expressing his opinions and thoughts on a wide array of matters such as tax and self-improvement. He had also been interviewed on the innovative ways he runs his business and leading his people to surpass industry standards. His appearance in many leading financial and lifestyle magazines like Millionaire Asia has added further to his exposure in the media.
Print media aside, Peter Tan is a familiar voice over the airwaves as he is a frequent guest speaker on radio talk and variety shows on financial planning and policies matters.


Straits Times & Sunday Times

Newspaper article by The Straits Times (1 Feb 2003)
Get on Board and Plan for Retirement in a Game or Two

Newspaper article by The Straits Times (24 May 2004)
Prudential Agency Reaches Summit by Picking Winners

Newspaper article by The Straits Times (18 Feb 2005)
Lower Personal Income Tax for Top Earners

Newspaper article by The Straits Times (19 Feb 2005)
Top Earners to Enjoy 2-Point Cut in 2 Steps

Newspaper article by The Straits Times (24 May 2005)
Star Prudential Agency Marches to another Award

Newspaper article by The Straits Times (7 Nov 2005)
Insurance Agency Manager to Reward Staff with Free Shares

Newspaper article by The Straits Times (30 Apr 2006)
He Spends $30K Annually on Non-Academic Courses

Newspaper article by The Straits Times (16 Feb 2007)
No Change to Personal Tax and Estate Duty

Newspaper article by The Straits Times (1 Apr 2007)
Super Clubs for the Super Rich

Newspaper article by The Straits Times (16 Sep 2007)
Careful Planning Helps to Make Investments Successful

Newspaper article by The Straits Times (9 Dec 2007)
A Successful Business Requires a Sound Business Model

Newspaper article by The Straits Times (24 Jun 2010)
Rise in Millionaires Here

Newspaper article by The Straits Times (26 Aug 2012)
An Officer and an Insurance Gentleman

Overseas Media

Newspaper article by July 2008, Issue C

Newspaper article by ChangJiang ShangBao (27 Jan 2010) China

Newspaper article by Wuhan WanBao (27 Jan 2010) China

Newspaper article by ChuTian DuShiBao (27 Jan 2010) China

Newspaper article by ChuTian JinBao (27 Jan 2010) China

Newspaper article by GoTone Magazine (March 2010) China
Citic Life Insurance Team

Local Media

Fundsupermart Magazine (09/10 2001.05)
Investment-Linked Insurance VS Unit Trust: Which is Better?

Fundsupermart Magazine (07/08 2002.11)
What Singapore Investors Want in a Unit Trust

Newspaper article by NTU The Chronicles (5 Aug 2002)
Learning Financial Concepts the Fun Way

MediaCorp interview in “Dollars and Cents” (31 Aug 2002)

Newspaper article by The New Paper (2 Sep 2002)
Want to Play S’porean Money Game?

Newspaper article by Berita Harian (28 Oct 2002)
Kian Yakin Dan Lebih Kenali Dunia Niaga

Newspaper article by STREATS (20 Nov 2002)
Playing with Your Future

MediaCorp Radio FM93.8 “Uncommon Sense” (4 Dec 2002)

Women’s Weekly Magazine (Jan 2003)
6 Housing Loan Shrinkers

Newspaper article by Lianhe ZaoBao (13 Mar 2003)

Newspaper article by Today (2 Apr 2007)
Magazine’s Millionaire Lifestyle for High flyers

Golf Asia Magazine (May 2007)
Jet Setting Card

MillionaireAsia Magazine (Issue 9, Volume 3, 2007)
MillionaireAsia Private Jet Card Poised for
Launch across Asia, Middle East

MillionaireAsia Magazine (2008)
How Peter Climbed Out of Poverty

FSMA Times Newsletter (Vol. 01, No. 02, Dec 2008)
Great Thought from the Man Who Won Top Manager, Mr. Peter Tan

Newspaper article by Lianhe ZaoBao (12 Sep 2013)

Singapore Management University News (28 Mar 2014)
Nurturing Leaders of the Future through Peter Tan
PTO Endowed Bursary



A learned individual with 5 degrees and qualifications, Mr Peter Tan has never rested on his laurels and has never taken his academic success for granted. He held a firm conviction in constantly improving oneself through the many resources available like books, audio programs, courses and real life experiences. His selfless desire to share all that he has learnt in his life has motivated him to capture them in writing books such that his life lessons may be immortalized for all to share and capitalize on.

A summary of all that he has leant is also made unique to the reader, coming from his perspective, as he gives added insights and his thoughts on lesson learnt. Till date, Mr Peter Tan has authored and co-authored 28 limited edition books, with topics ranging from his profession in wealth management to his beloved interests in antiques collection.





His passion for making people successful has driven Mr Peter Tan to take time off his busy schedule to conduct numerous trainings so that his people may be enriched with his life lessons and professional experiences. This is in hope that they will achieve what he has today in a much shorter period. Being someone who believes in contributing back to society and remembering one’s roots, Mr Peter Tan seeks to impart all that he has accumulated to his people so that they can avoid certain pitfalls and develop a keen sense of spotting opportunities. With more than 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship, his courses on business ventures will prove insightful to those keen on starting their own businesses. His reputation in the industry has also garnered many invitations to speak at events and to conduct trainings for organizations, both local and overseas alike. Also, his love for character building and self-improvement has led him to places all over the world to receive training and trainer’s certification (Richard Blander) from the masters of various courses like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).



An exclusive session over lunch
with one of Asia’s most successful enterpreneur
– Peter Tan.
He will take you to a new level of business exploration and share his
brilliant business strategy in this one-to- one discussion.
Like all lunches, reservation is needed!
your investment is S$5,000 (exclusive of GST)



The world economy is likely to double in the next decade. China will evolve as an important economic and financial hub. Understanding Chinese culture, language and history will pave the way for future success.

The Ultra High Net Worth Population will continue to grow exponentially in Asia especially in Singapore, spearheading infrastructure & technological development. And it is important with the tremendous growth in wealth, the core business continues to be people oriented.

Your goal is in your heart. It belongs to those who stay focused and pursue it passionately.


Morphosis Holdings Pte. Ltd.

Morphosis Holdings is a conglomerate of business with a vision to create seeding fund and series A funding for aspiring entrepreneurs and continually explore international business opportunities in variety fields across Asia and continue to offer innovative investment options coupled with value added industry. We are reaching expected revenue growth with continually explore international business opportunities in different fields especially technologies and app industry. The Group Chairman Peter Tan Shou Yi, a successful business owner of honor and integrity, has invested in real estate, business consultancy, concierge service, and angel investor across Asia. An avid writer, Peter has authored more than 28 limited edition motivational books and is a very much sought after as a professional and inspirational speaker internationally, especially the Asia Pacific region. Being a well-rounded entrepreneur, his strong belief in caring and sharing has led him to support and donate to schools and SMU in Singapore.


• To generate consistent and sustainable returns from investment.
• To achieve this objective, we continue to practice the values that stand at the core of our professional philosophy.
• Excellence in investment techniques along with the best personnel in the industry allows us to achieve consistent top quality results in all our endeavors.

Director Angel Investment
D&D Financial Services Pte. Ltd. Aardvark Media Pte. Ltd.
First Globe Holdings Ltd (HK) Asia One Chiropractic Pte. Ltd.
Morphosis Holdings Pte. Ltd, Cheng Pu Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. (China)
PTO Entertainment Pte. Ltd. Global ShowNearby Pte. Ltd.
First Globe Holdings Ltd (HK) Asia One Chiropractic Pte. Ltd.
PTO Movies Pte. Ltd. iApps Asia Pte. Ltd.
FPTO Institute of Excellence Pte. Ltd. My Best Friend Pte. Ltd.
PTO Property Omega Investment Pte. Ltd. PTO Fitness Pte. Ltd.
Shou Yi Entertainment Co. Ltd. (China) Rebel Group Inc. (Listed in US OTC market)
SAM Holdings Pte. Ltd.

General Companies

D&D Financial Services Pte. Ltd.
D&D Financial Services is founded on 2005 by Mr. Peter Tan Shou Yi. Using his years of experience and expertise in the financial industry, she is the platform to provide consultation services to entrepreneurs & SME’s.

PTO Institute of Excellence Pte. Ltd. |
PTOIE provides organizations with learning and their training needs. Engaging renowned businessman and entrepreneur Mr. Peter Tan Shou Yi as the master trainer of these courses helps organizations with their spiritual, professional, personal, and financial development and the programs seek to empower to achieve more with less. To be better than the best individuals, so as to bring out their inner potential.

PTO Property Omega Investment Pte. Ltd.
PTO Property Omega Investment Pte. Ltd. takes a long-term view to invest commercial properties in Singapore. She is expected to have at least 6% return yield and about 10% per annum for capital gain.

Medical Companies

SAM Holdings Pte. Ltd. |

SAM is a privately held company dedicated to bring cutting edge diagnostics and therapeutics to Singapore and to leverage local biomedical research to benefit the local economy. SAM delivers personalized, comprehensive and actionable diagnostics and therapy services to doctors specifically for Asian population and it is first-to-market to leverage on state-of-the-art medical technologies and to implement new-generation personalized medicine. SAM manages to guide team-based medical approaches for holistic and synergistic quality healthcare for patients.

Asia One ChiropracticPte. Ltd. |

Asia One Chiropractic is the art of chiropractic facility and discover the true wellness lifestyle. To promote wellness, restore and maintain optimal health to target unique needs in Singapore, China and across Asia. Chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine that focuses on diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine, under the belief that these disorders affect general health via the nervous system. It is the largest alternative medical profession especially from the United States. Asia One Chiropractic will devote ourselves to make Asians healthy by attentive and personal customer care and hope to be inspired better and healthier way of living across Asia.

IT Companies

Aadvark Media Pte. Ltd. |

Aardvark Media is a young local startup focusing on mobile technology.
Its flagship product, Beep, provides users the ease of arranging personal
hangout, party or even business meetings. Beep features such as chats,
calendars, attendance tracking and integration to social media giving user the ease of organizing events. Beep is currently available in Apple Appstore and Google Playstore.

IT Companies

iApps Asia Pte. Ltd. |

iApps is a targeted communication & connection application developer, making it possible for clients to stay in touch & relevant to their customers. Providing a wide range of services including mobile / web platforms, websites, systems integration, social media & training programs. iApps wants now to deploy its value proposition and business model across the ASEAN region, with a “franchise-like” development model based on partnerships with local government agencies and communities, starting with Indonesia and Vietnam, followed by Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines, then across Asia and on a global basis at a later stage.

PTO Fitness Pte. Ltd. |

PTO Fitness develops innovative and creative applications, and invests in the health and wellness sector in China. In collaboration with Endemol Shine, one of the world’s largest owners of television formats and programs, PTO Fitness has developed a digital strategy to amplify Endemol Shine’s “The Biggest Loser” TV format, based on a mobile app designed to integrate with the second season of the TV show.

Global ShowNearby Pte. Ltd. |

ShowNearby is Singapore’s leading location-based service provider, serving information-seeking users, business owners and public agencies with timely and relevant points of interests across mobile and web platforms. The newly implementation of Honeybay ecommerce reaching viewers as customers at one stop concurrently. As a directional medium, ShowNearby is a popular and multiple-award winning platform business can leverage as part of their marketing mix. Businesses can run deals, discounts, promotions and advertisements on ShowNearby that are location and time-based, reaching out to a variety of publics, including impulse consumers.

My Best Friend Pte. Ltd. |

My Best Friend is a mobile social application that allows users of this application to meet virtually, converse with each other, share moments and ultimately, have dinner with one another. The primary purpose is to create an opportunity for individual from different sectors to befriend and dine together as a pair. MBF provides services that emphasize on quality over quantity, making sure that users will be 100% manually verified, promising chat replies and guaranteed dinner appointments to be made hassle-free. It will be modern, effective and real just through the clicking of the mobile devices. It is designed to encourage user interactions via a real chat and dine platform making it perfect for busy working individuals to eventually end their stressful day with great dining experiences.

PTO Entertainment Pte. Ltd. |

PTO Entertainment is not merely an organization. Comprising many subsidiary companies and well- placed network affiliates, PTO Entertainment can deliver all your entertainment requirements. From musical artistes to blockbuster movies, PTO Entertainment has the resources, connections, and most importantly, the ability to bring joy and entertainment to Singapore and the Asia-Pacific Region.

PTO Movies Pte. Ltd. |

PTO Movies is one of the fastest-growing film production companies, with interests in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region. With our strong position in one of Asia’s most vibrant arts scenes, we are making significant contributions to the regional film industry. Filial Party is PTO Movies first foray into Singapore’s film industry. Critically-acclaimed director Boris Boo combines brilliant cinematography with a star-studded cast of veteran actors; a combination sure to take Asian box office by storm. The film also marks the debut of Singaporean actress Ann Kok.

Rebel Group Inc. (USA) |

Rebel’s objectives are to create awareness of the growing sport that is Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Rebel aims to promote local amateur talents from all regions of Asia, and to give fans a completely interactive experience that goes beyond the event, thus making it memorable and captivating. These events will be made accessible to the mass market, and possibly widen the opportunities fighters have in the MMA. In January 2015, Rebel acquired a listed company listed on the OTC Board in the US and successfully injected into the listed company now named Rebel Group Inc.

Regional Companies

Shou Yi Entertainment Co. Ltd. (Beijing, China)

Shou Yi Entertainment merging a passion for production and event with high leve of creative solution. She intend to invest in promising business of cultural, educational, and entertainment in China.

Cheng Pu Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. (Shanghai, China)

Cheng Pu Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd., registered in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, is a joint venture with a registered capital of 2.5 million yuan. COOLTOUCH is a registered trademark of the Company. We are committed to bring the latest science and technology, in the simplest way, to the user’s home life. We believe the combination of technology and art is the perfect way to make smart home products. And the intelligence, should be so simple as silently and inadvertently, to bring us the convenience of life.


Shou Yi Entertainment Co Ltd

Hong Kong
First Globe Holdings Ltd

Aardvark Media Pte Ltd

Cheng Pu intelligence Technology Co Ltd

Rebel Group Inc

Asia One Chiropractic Pte Ltd
D&D Financial Services Pte Ltd
Global ShowNearby Pte Ltd
iApps Asia Pte Ltd
Morphosis Holdings Pte Ltd
My Best Friend Pte Ltd
PTO Entertainment Pte Ltd
PTO Movies Pte Ltd
PTO Fitness Pte Ltd
PTO Institute of Excellence Pte Ltd
PTO Property Omega Investment Pte Ltd
SAM Holdings Pte Ltd

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