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Peter Tan. is a millionaire Asia entrepreneur, motivational speaker, philanthropist and the sales Godzilla.

At 35 years old, Peter achieved the coveted Court of Table (COT), at the same time holding 5 professional degrees and qualifications from prestigious institutions around the world.

Peter was the former chairman of Peter Tan Organization, a multiple award-winning agency in the industry for more than 10 consecutive years. In his tenure, Peter holds the title as the top group director and hosted multiple bootcamps specially curated as selection rounds to recruit fresh talents. Additionally, being involved as a consultant for multiple start-ups.

He has conducted multiple seminars both in Singapore,China and across Asia, showcasing expertise in numerous topics such as, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Ultra Silva Mind methods, numerology, feng shui, palmistry, sound, sacred Geometry, meditation and music therapy.

Peter has also served as the Honorary Consulate for Georgia.
He would like to contribute back to the society, enabling Free:
• Quality training for those who want to learn.
• Network from Peter for aspiring entrepreneurs.
• Coaching for the next generation business people to become millionaires.

Peter Tan Community comes with a proposition where you can introduce your family, friends and followers (FFFs) to purchase the community programs in our platform and earn a recurrent and overriding commission (2-tiers only). For more information, you may email to

How To Influence Your Sales Leads to Take Action Instantly

How To Influence Your Sales Leads


Feb 2024, 2pm to 4pm


Peter Tan Communities

It is commonly shared that your network is your net-worth. Unfortunately, few are under the essence of this truth.

It is both imperative that “who knows you” and “you know who”. More importantly, to be part of the community of “who is who”.

Join the community to know and to be known!

Core Community

S$365 – Annual


This community grants you access to Peter Tan’s videos, e-books and audio books, and to attend introductory courses.

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Mastery Community



This community grants you access to attend mastery courses which comprise a total of 8 basic and advance courses in Motivation, Sales Management & Business.

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Apprentice Community



This community grants you access to all privileges of Peter Tan’s Core, Mastery and Premium communities, personal coffee session with Peter Tan and access to a chat group with Peter Tan and his apprentices.

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Knowledge is power, the application of domain knowledge is absolute power. In the courses that I teach, transferring of content is only a small slice of the lesson.

More importantly, I will expound on the application of these specialties to bring values and personal experiences for you to enhance your understandings.

Come and be empowered!

SDG 1: Creating Wealth

End Poverty in All its Forms Everywhere

Sales Godzilla (Basic)


The Sales Godzilla (Basic) is a 3-day course, designed for fresh salesperson joining the salesforce. It provides the fundamental 3W’s & 1H for a rookie to start the journey of a sales career. 

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Sales Godzilla (Advance)


The Sales Godzilla (Advance) is designed for season salesperson in the salesforce for at least one year. It provides the impetus for the salesperson to reach a higher paradigm of success through creative concept selling, CRM, HNW socialization & networking.

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SDG 3: Embracing Wellness

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Neuro Linguistic Program (Practitioner)


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the use of the mind and language patterns to achieve specific desired changes in our behaviors & thoughts. It would unleash your latent potential and to reach the new heights in your lives.

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Neuro Linguistic Program (Master)


This course creates new paradigm of neuro perceptions and applications to help yourself and other to achieve more love, more wealth and more happiness. 

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SDG 4: Inspiring Education
Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all
Sales Godzilla Management (Basic)


The Sales Godzilla Management (Basic) is designed for rookie manager who has a team of salesforce of about 20 in size. The course is designed to help you to double your sales forces and triple your sales team sales volume.

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Sales Godzilla Management (Advance)


The Sales Godzilla Management (Advance) is designed for seasoned manager who has a team of salesforce of about 50 in size. The course is designed to help you to double your sales forces and triple your sales team sales volume.

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SDG 17: Fostering Partnership

Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

Business Excellence (Basic)


An introductory 3-full day program for entrepreneurs who have desires to start their own business. This program will discuss the basics of business excellence for start-ups. A good kick start, with the necessary skillset and knowledge, is fundamental to the success of the business in the long term.

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Business Excellence (Advance)


Learn how to better align and forecast your financial resources, decision-making and accelerate your growth as an entrepreneur at this Business Excellence (Advance) course.

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Success Stories

Knowing and doing makes the difference between those who dream and that of successful people.

Creating successful stories for what you do is the beginning of your journey to inspire and to be inspired.

LHWY International

LHWY International empowers individuals and businesses to create wealth through its product range of health supplements and neuro soundwave products. It focuses on Sustainable Development Goals 1, 2 and 17. 

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LDSY Academy

LDSY Pte Ltd (利道书院) is an academy that aims to empower individuals with confidence and belief of his potential, discovering your strength and works towards autonomy.

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