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Neuro Linguistic Program (Master)


Master NLP creates new paradigm after you have attended the NLP (Practitioner) of neuro perceptions and applications to help yourself and other to achieve more love, more wealth and more happiness.

It is all about developing to the best of your capability, living to your optimum enjoyment and creating wealth in the simplest way.

Come and change your perspective of life in 4 days and enter into a new dimension of being Richer and Happier.




Master NLP Course

  1. Introduction to NLP
  2. 4 Stages of Learning
  3. States and Outcomes
  4. Rapport
  5. Representational Systems
  6. Sub-Modalities
  7. Calibration
  8. Belief System
  9. Swish Patterns
  10. Framing
  11. Anchors
  12. Language
  13. Milton Model
  14. Meta Model
  15. Chunking
  16. Metaphors
  17. Writing Skills
  18. Strategies
  19. Public Speaking
  20. Fine Distinction
  21. Modelling
  22. Living Excellence

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