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Sales Godzilla (Basic)


The Sales Godzilla (Basic) is a 3-day course, designed for fresh salesperson joining the salesforce. It provides the fundamental 3W’s & 1H for a rookie to start the journey of a sales career.

The course will open up your mindset as a salesperson and also teaches the basic skills needed to close the sales seamlessly.

Besides, the program will also teach you how to have repeated sales and an introduction to close big-ticket sales. Finally, a good customer relationship management and referral system is essential to ensure continuity of the sales career.




Sales Godzilla Basic Course

Day 1

  1. Introduction to Sales
  2. PT Sales Cycle & Prospecting
  3. Niche Market, Qualification of customer & Presentation
  4. Concept Selling


Day 2

  1. Identifying issues and gaps
  2. Closing of Sales
  3. Handling of Sales Objections
  4. Asking for Referral


Day 3

  1. Basic networking
  2. CRM
  3. Upselling/ Cross Selling
  4. Mind Map of PT Macro View of Sales Career

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