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Sales Godzilla Management (Basic)


The Sales Godzilla Management (Basic) is designed for rookie manager who has a team of salesforce of about 20 in size. The course is designed to help you to double your sales forces and triple your sales team sales volume.




Sales Godzilla Management (Basic) Course

  1. Why Salesforce manager fails?
  2. Understanding Salesperson mentality (Maslow Hierarchy)
  3. Implementing SP2F training concept
  4. Characteristics of ideal salesperson
  5. Pitfalls of Salesperson
  6. Creating value through sales activities
  7. Understanding the economic value of management, agent and client.
  8. Development of Sales Business Plan and monitoring I
  9. Development of Sales Business Plan and monitoring II
  10. Use of AI and technology.
  11. Developing Personal branding I
  12. Developing Personal branding II

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